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This shit was like havin herpes in my ears b. You would possibly only Dwell the moment son…but seemingly you can hold makin gay ass new music without end if you wanna.

Lmao! At last, dis nigga just broke down what i’ve been tryna describe to niggas and broads for years. It’s all correct and however funny concurrently. Now im taking my ass to go read ur Carter four evaluate (this finna be excellent) keep up the good perform bruh

If you pay attention to the track Crew Like the weekend says Rainbow Flowing…The tune litteraly is gay, he states theres a lot of niggas in listed here That which you thinking about me for.

nine. Umso Umso Umso Umso Usmo Pleased with You (ft Nicki Minaj) – I aint even mad at this defeat son…even so the shit this nigga be sayin yo….”I like it when your hair still damp cos you jus took a shower…runnin with a treadmill n only eating salad…audio so sensible such as you graduated college”. I cant even stomach that shit b. Son always gotta be on some “Gurl you kno you glimpse yo most effective whenever you jus gettin up each morning n you got them creases on yo deal with from yo pillow n that crusty shit all in yo eyes cos thats the true you gurl awwwwwhhh” shit.  That or he feedin broads that “you aint even kno how Unique you is cos other niggas dont be noticin it…but I do” shit.

He can make you fool by telling fraud particulars and present like ps4 by 1 get one particular. Get one samsung s7 and have a person. Iphone seven for half rate.

Son? ” Authentic niggas”? A real nigga where you reside is most likely any black child trigger you’re some white kid who’s a Drake stan and possibly lives in Canada. Fuck all the Drake stans,fuck Drake’s songs. Fuck almost everything. This shit is mad ass b. Also son that nigga Tyga and Mac Miller I feel dropped their albums currently or are going to. You'll want to go in on People corny ass niggas.

2nd funniest thing that happened to me today. to all you drake/ghost haters … lighten up. it’s 1 gentleman’s feeling. don’t catch emotions, yo. it’s just somebody’s point of view … that makes a good deal of individuals such as myself chortle.

Reply Rajeeva April eighteen, 2010 at 3:forty three pm I suppose there is yet another type of my review here scam that this distinct major e-shopping web page in India propagates. The location is - they record a little something like a million goods on their web page. But almost all of the products when they are acquired they refuse to deliver declaring that it is away from inventory??? then they challenge "Reward Certificate" for that quantity so that you could obtain something else that you choose to dont want.

3. you are not getting paid for performing absolutely nothing. the fool who wrote this short article is looking for World wide web targeted visitors, use your frequent sense.

Ayo pardon me should you a feminine that comes about to tumble for this cornball shit…but most niggas DO be knowin bout these muthafuckin covert broad ways namsayin. This nigga tellin you Anything you wanna listen to n throwin all one other niggas you talk with under the bus….n bought you convinced that he basically think that way ma. Son be preyin over the weak. The nigga jus gon parallel park his top down bitchmobile to the track n do nothin but watch for these reduced self esteem havin broads to come flyin over the hood of his shit n choose that bait. But its whatsoever namsayin. Permit this nigga get his Phony Beyonce female empowerment on. But that hook son. Ayo is this nigga continue to attached to your placenta sack b?

All people accepts Drake for remaining their Pal who cries at sleep overs simply because hes away from his mothers and fathers and thats great, i like Drake to an extent BUT This assessment is fuckin magnificent as is each individual other evaluation, even for albums i fuck with.

The URL isn’t even safe. A secure URL has https not http. It’s easy to shed your personal and confidential facts which include your passwords and credit rating/debit card data. Kenyans Allow’s not fall to this

Genuine communicate correct there. Hip hop is NOT about getting challenging. Its speculated to be about getting real. Drake is simply currently being authentic about his bitch ass means. Enable him be a bitch, make songs for women so he may make his funds.

Real truth is, scammers normally Do not get loaded on their scams, either. There are many who do, much like there are a few compact corporations which make it major.

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